Compliance Statement

In anticipation of the combined State Cavalier 28 Championships and Sydney Harbour Regatta in March, your committee has decided that competitors should complete a basic statement of compliance with the Cavalier 28 Class Rules as defined on this website.  The statement of compliance is simple and consists of two sections.

Statement of Compliance with the Rules

This is a simple yes/no to indicate that you have read the rules and that you will comply with them for the series of races.  In particular, members are reminded that, as the Cavalier 28 is a cruising/racing class, the boat's standard fittings must not be removed from the boat for races.

Jib and Spinnaker Measurements

To keep things simple, it was decided that only one measurement of each sail would be required and a simple statement by the owner would be accepted.  The measurements are the LP for the #1 jib and the maximum width - G (max) - for the #1 spinnaker.  If you need help measuring your sails, please see here - Measuring Your Sails.

Note: If your sails are stamped or signed by the sail maker as being compliant with the Cavalier 28 class rules (as any sails made since 05/06 season are required to be!) then simply enter "Certified" in the measurement field.

Extract from class rules:-

All new sails constructed after the end of the 05/06 season must be stamped with a Certificate of Compliance with the class specifications by the sail maker.

The committee has decided to adopt a tolerance of 50mm in the sail measurement.  This means that if your sail exceeds the standard by 50mm or less, it will still be accepted.

If you plan to enter the race series, please complete the following form.  An entry for a boat in the series will not be considered complete until a statement of compliance is also received.

Please fill in the form below and press the "Submit" button.  There is no need to print and send the form.  At the foot of this page, you can see certificates received online in 2013.  Yours should appear there shortly after filling in the form.  You will need to refresh the page to see it.

Statement of Compliance With Cavalier 28 Class Rules

Compliance Statements Received in 2013