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Speed and Smarts

Speed and Smarts Racing Tip

Here is the next in our series of articles from David Dellenbaugh's excellent sailing newsletter "Speed and Smarts".   The current edition of David's newsletter is entitled 'Don't believe all that you hear'.  I can highly recommend it.

David is a winning Americas Cup tactician and regularly publishes a newsletter packed with tips to improve your racing.

This item comes from issue 114 which deals extensively with mainsail trim techniques.

Regulate power with mast bend

By David Dellenbaugh. Republished by permission - Speed and Smarts

[Note that on the Cavalier 28, being a masthead rig, you will not see any appreciable mast bend unless the baby-stay is also tensioned]

The backstay is a powerful tool that gives you control over mast bend. The harder you pull on the backstay, the more you bend the mast. As the mast becomes more curved, the mainsail gets flatter, the position of maximum draft moves aft and the main leech twists more. Therefore, one rule of thumb is that whenever you adjust the backstay you almost always have to ...


Cavalcade Summer Issue

Our Secretary has produced another great issue of Cavalcade for your Summer reading.

You can find it here.

Live on Sydney Harbour

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Windows Need Replacing?

John Somerset (Cavelle) has recently replaced and updated his windows. 

Pictures and more details here.

Course Change

Alteration to sailing programme



The Winter issue of Cavalcade is available. Visit the News Page for this and other issues.

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The Cavalier 28

The Cavalier 28 is a yacht that is ideal for both racing and social and recreational sailing. It was designed in New Zealand by Laurie Davidson, a designer famous for racing boats (including successful defenders and challengers for the America’s Cup), and now has an active owners’ association based in Sydney Harbour. See the history page for more information.

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