Measuring Your Sails

Members are reminded that according to the class rules, all new sails constructed after the end of the 05/06 season must be stamped with a Certificate of Compliance with the class specifications by the sail maker.  Details of the maximum permitted size of your sails can be found on the Racing Class Rules page of this site.  A tolerance of 50mm is permitted.

Headsail LP Measurement

To measure the LP (Length Perpendicular) of your no. 1 headsail, lay it out on flat on the ground (or deck!).  Take the tack and place it along the luff so that the fold line so formed runs exactly through the clew as shown.  The length of the fold line is the LP of your sail.

Spinnaker Maximum Width - G (max)

The only measurement required of the spinnaker is the maximum width at any point.  This may be more easily measured by laying the spinnaker out flat and folding it in half and doubling the measurement.  Please be sure to measure the larger of your two spinnakers if you have more than one (only two allowed).