If you intend to be a member of the Cavalier 28 Association, your subs are now due.  For yet another year we have been able to keep the membership at the same level - $60.  And this year there is a significant extra reason to join up.

1) Rudder mold access (improved Adams 10 shape)
2) Free entry to the State Championships on October 20th
3) Generally feel good about supporting the Association!

All financial members will be entitled to enter the Cavalier 28 NSW State Championships free of charge.  The SASC will be making a $100 per boat charge to run the event, but that will be paid by the Association for you.  Your only obligation will be the membership fee - and to turn up. (We will be asking owners to pay the SASC fee if they register and do not race).

** PLEASE NOTE - You will need to obtain a current Cat 7 safety certificate and proof of 3rd party liability cover prior to racing. See SASC web site for details **

The Cat 7 safety certificate is not at all onerous and can be completed at a number of harbour clubs.  SASC inspectors will be available this coming Saturday.

The event is non-spinnaker and is being held on the afternoon of Sunday October 20th and is a series of 3 short races, followed by a BBQ (for you & your family) and prizes at the SASC immediately after the last race.

Forms both to print, fill out & post or to fill out & email are here...

This year the form includes an item that asks if you intend to race in the Championships.  It is only an indication at this stage, not a commitment.

If you are not paying your subs at this stage but simply want to register an intention to race, you can also do so on-line
John MacLeod,
19 Aug 2013, 20:07
John MacLeod,
19 Aug 2013, 20:07