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Top 100 Racing Tips
The ‘Doppler’ Windshift Effect
Guidelines for Good Mainsail Shape
Steering and Sail Trim
Twenty Tips for Mainsail Trimmers
Boatspeed and Boathandling
Tactics and Strategy
Wally Cross on Tuning Your Rig
Calibrate Your Speed Controls
Boatspeed IQ Test
Look for Changes in Wind Direction
Make a ‘Game Plan’ For The Windward Leg
How You Can Tell When the Wind is Shifting Persistently
Smart Moves Near the Laylines
Converging on Port Tack
Avoid Bad Air from Other Boats
Improve Speed with Communication
Keys to Success at Downwind Starts
Create and Protect a ‘Hole’ at the Start
Work On Your Starting Position
Applying ‘Leverage’
Figure Out the Favored Side First
Assess Your Risk Level at the Start
Sensible Tips for Improving Speed
Overlaps and Room
Sail Fast Toward the Corner
Upwind Strategies for Persistent Shifts
On a Beat, Sail Fast in the Lifts
Strategies for Oscillating Shifts
Beat Your Competition to the Finish
Trim Your Main for Speed on Runs
Talk With Your Teammates
How to Pick the ‘Favored’ End
Why and How to “Shoot” the Finish
Pick a Fast Angle for Running
How To Do A Legal (and fast!) 720°
Go For It on the Second Beat!
Wind Shadows and Apparent Wind
Four Rules of Thumb for Strategy on Runs
Create Your Own Tacking Lines
The Art of Passing on a Reach
Crew roles on reaches
Turn Efficiently at the Jibe Mark
Stay in Control at the Jibe Marks
Execute a “Perfect” Rounding
Tune Up With a Friend
Heads-Up As You Approach the Mark
Work on Speed Near the Mark
Prepare Your Boat for Speed
Ducking Another Boat Upwind
Position Yourself for Success
How to Cover Upwind
Go the Right Direction!
How to Sail Fast Up the First Beat When You Have... Oscillating Shifts
Speed Tips for the First Beat
Try These Moves After Your Start
Six Ways to Figure Out Which End is More Upwind
How to Carve Out Your Spot On the Line
Figure Out the Wind Patterns
How to Report Your Speed
Locate Your Weight
Basic Principles of Strategy
Wind Indicators
Play your vang around the course
Risk and Reward: Don't Take Unnecessary Chances
On Runs Steer by "Feel"
Learn to Love Light Air
Develop a Quick "Paw"!
Help Yourself by Hailing
Wind Shear

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