2014/15 Season Trophies

Trophies to be awarded for the 2014/15 Racing Season

The series will be considered in two parts and both scratch and handicap trophies will be offered for each series as follows:-

   Scratch     Handicap
Spring & Summer Series
All Races
Two drops allowed

Cavalier Cup

 Cavalier Bowl

Summer Series
Races 8-13 only
One drop allowed

 Norm Brown Scratch Trophy

Norm Brown Handicap Trophy
 State Championships
(Run as the Sydney Harbour Regatta)

Chapionship Trophy

Championship Handicap Trophy

No boat may win both the Norm Brown and the Cavalier trophies in one category - scratch or handicap.  In the event that the same boat does win both series in the same category, the Norm Brown trophy will be awarded to the second place getter in the shorter Summer Series. One boat may, however, win both a Scratch and Handicap trophy without restriction.