The Register

The following information has been kindly gathered from public sources on the internet by Julian Todd of BackVintage Wines and subsequently updated with information from owners.  If you have any additions, changes or corrections to the list or if you would like the information removed for some reason, you can:-

Email the webmaster or use this form

If you know of a Cav 28 that is not listed here, please let us know of its name & location.

As far as we know, there were 70 of these boats built.  We now have 56 on the register.  Around 14 to go, though, presumably, a few have been lost!

Welcome Cavort to "The Register" - originally owned by Guy Keon of Cavalier Yachts!

Hull number entry is now complete.  If your boat has no number, please contact us to see if we can identify it somehow.

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