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Please note that this information is provided for the convenience of members and does not imply any endorsement or recommendation of these suppliers by the Association.


We've just received a very competitive quote on a replacement propeller for Quambi from Ozpropellers.  If you need one, try contacting

Rowan Lowther - Ph: 07 5326 1702

Bukh Parts

If you're looking for alternative suppliers of Bukh Parts, it may be worth contacting the following supplier.  Although they are based in NZ, shipping times have not been an issue and they provide a most helpful and informative level of service over the phone.

Andy Winter
Director/Engine Sales
The Engine Room Ltd
Ph +64(9)480-2248  Fax: +64(9)480-2258

Bukh Workshop Manual

The workshop manual is available online.  Although it's for the 8HP version, it is apparently exactly the same as the DV10LSME (sail drive) engine

Marine Mechanic

The following Marine Mechanic is a member at the GFS

Andrew Clarke
Tel        02 9476 5800.
He is based in Hornsby

Replacement Fuel Tank

We recently replaced our fuel tank - the old one was pitted & started seeping from the bottom into the bilges! You can tell if yours is in the same condition by running your flat hand along the bottom of the tank.  If you get diesel on your hand, its is leaking!  We obtained a replacement polyethylene 40L diesel tank from Marine Direct with a 5 year guarantee.

It doesn't have tabs on like the old metal tanks - it is secured using webbing straps (seatbelts) with a small wooden ledge below the tank to prevent it sliding down the bulkhead.  I will attach pictures of the installation shortly.  It comes complete with hose tails and (if required) a level sensor & gauge. The complete installation including sensor, gauge, tank, miscellaneous pipes, parts (sourced from Whitworths & Enzed, Brookvale) was around $660 - self installed.

Speedo Information

I recently got our speedo working again on Quambi with all the original 1979 equipment.  The good people at Siemens were even able to send a PDF of the fitting & calibration instructions in addition to letting me know how to wire it up to the through-hull transducer.  Both documents are attached.  Contact details are in the Connections document:-


Fitting & Calibration

Window Supplies

Marine Window Service
Phone: +61 414 980 388 (Doug)

We recently renewed the windows on Quambi.  Above are the
contact details for a supplier of both the complete window set (he quoted
$1000) or just the glazing wedge that keeps the perspex in place (part
number MWS0206 - $5 per metre - about 12 metres) should you choose to replace just the perspex as we did. You should check your wedge is the same, some are not - they have pictures on the web site mentioned.

The perspex was around $200 from All Plastics, Eastern Valley Way, Chatswood.

New Windows & a New Look!

John Somerset (Cavelle) has recently replaced and updated his windows.  Pictures and more details here.

Another window option

APS Marine at Empire Marina,at Drummoyne will remove the aluminium framed windows and replace them with a one piece of acrylic,giving the boat a more modern look. On the inside the aluminium border frame is retained and the gap between the inside liner and the coachouse moulding is filled in. Potential users of this service need to discuss this aspect with the contractor before starting work.  Marabou, Centaurus and Happy Halyard have had this work done.

The contact here is Tony Lockwood 97193162 or 0401665191.

The cost is about $1200.

Rudder Replacement

The association has paid to have a rudder mould made.  It is a considerable improvement over the current rudder shape.  To obtain a rudder from this mould please contact the association. (click on the image for a larger version)
Folding Props

Anti- Corrosion paste

If you have any sources for materials etc. you would like to share with the rest of the group, please do so here, or email the webmaster.

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