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The Cavalier 28 is a yacht that is ideal for both racing and social and recreational sailing. It was designed in New Zealand by Laurie Davidson, a designer famous for racing boats (including successful defenders and challengers for the America’s Cup), and now has an active owners’ association based in Sydney Harbour. See the history page for more information.

Racing Tip

Prepare Your Boat for Speed
28 Tips, by David Dellenbaugh

The top sailors have all but won any regatta before it starts because they’ve prepared themselves and their boats so well. - Paul Elvstrom

In sailboat racing, success often depends more on what you’ve done before a race than on what you do during the race. Even if you have the best tactics and strategy in the fleet, you won’t finish first if your bottom is slow or if your tiller extension breaks on the last beat.
No matter what type of racing you do, it’s important to get every ounce of speed out of your boat. [more]


Only a few weeks to go to the start of the 2012/2013 season.  Bottoms are being polished to within an inch of their lives!  Everyone is trying to work out how to end the dominance of U2 and Centaurus!!  Will the new course A even things up some?!

Here are the dates you (and your crew) need to know for the up coming season:-

Race 1
15 Sept
Race 8
19 Jan
Race 2
6 Oct
Race 9
2 Feb
Race 3
20 Oct
Race 10
9 Feb
Race 4
3 Nov
Race 11
23 Feb
Race 5
17 Nov
Sydney Harbour Regatta
9-10 Mar
Race 6
1 Dec
Race 12
23 Mar
Race 7
15 Dec
Race 13
6 Apr

Course A Start-BB-SM-BB-SM*-EC-GI-Finish
Course B
Course G
Course Q
Course O
Course Z

The full programme can be found on the Sydney Amateurs web site



The Autumn issue of Cavalcade is now available. Stephen has yet again provided us with some entertaining reading.

I am writing this autumn edition of Cavalcade at the very end of March and it will be early April before I finish.  I like to allow myself few days to mull over topics of what I hope will be interest to our members.

As I alluded to in my December edition of Cavalcade (it’s not beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!) our summer seemed to have gone from bad to worse...[more]

Contributions for both Cavalcade and this web site are always welcome (but rarely received!). Please email them to webmaster@cavalier28.com.


Windows Need Replacing?

John Somerset (Cavelle) has recently replaced and updated his windows. 

Pictures and more details here.


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