No Cost Cavalier 28 Championship Event For All Members!!

Cavalier 28 Championships 2013/2014

At the AGM on Monday we agreed to endorse the committee's proposal to run a non-spinnaker Cavalier 28 Championship event, free to all financial members of the association on a trial basis.

The Championships will be held on Sunday 20th October and will include 3 short windward-leeward races on one day.  The event will be a non-spinnaker event, subject to the class rules of the Cavalier 28.  The only requirement for entry is that the skipper be a current financial member of the Cavalier 28 Association.  All entry costs will be born by the Cavalier 28 Association.

The races will be followed by a BBQ for all crew and family members at the Sydney Amateurs Sailing Club in Mosman bay at which awards will be presented.

Please tell all your Cav 28 owner friends about this exciting event which we hope will attract a good number of entries.

This event will be held in addition to the Cavalier 28 division in the Sydney Harbour Regatta, which will remain a spinnaker event.

Cav 28s Leading the Way!

Only 100m out and Cavalier 28s already in the
lead competing in
White Twilight Division at GFS.
Image (c) Wade Smith, submitted by Geoff Lucas

Racing Tip

Prepare Your Boat for Speed
28 Tips, by David Dellenbaugh

The top sailors have all but won any regatta before it starts because they’ve prepared themselves and their boats so well. - Paul Elvstrom

In sailboat racing, success often depends more on what you’ve done before a race than on what you do during the race. Even if you have the best tactics and strategy in the fleet, you won’t finish first if your bottom is slow or if your tiller extension breaks on the last beat.
No matter what type of racing you do, it’s important to get every ounce of speed out of your boat. [more]

Handicap Trends

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Our resident columnist and Association Secretary has once again come up with some entertaining reading...

Another season has come and gone in the life span of our little Association and it is fantastic to see such a healthy continuation of interested participation in the Cav 28s, which as you know, have now been an integral part of the Sydney yachting scene for well over 30 years now.  Whilst our yachts definitely fall into the “old slow” category, when compared to some of the feather weight stripped out skiffs that pose as yachts nowadays...[more]

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